Monday, March 2, 2009

Allen Kepler for President

Tweezer Cohen opines: There are two types of people in this world. Those who like their Smooth Jazz on the classic side (and lord knows there are enough members of this web site fraternity who can you bore you drooly about that dust covered historical irrelevancy.) and those who like their sounds on the Fresh side. The question is... who turns you onto Smooth Jazz innovation? Who is the voice of progress? Gives you your fix? Is the pusherman, so to speak? The answer for me to each of the last questions is Mr. Allen Kepler, the host of the Smooth Jazz Top 20 countdown on the Smooth Jazz Network. If there was a Pullitzer for Smooth Jazzery, Kepler would have a very full shelf-above-the-fireplace if you know what I mean. And with his angular cheekbones, Roman nose and articulate eyes, he is an all round model for today's smooth jazz listening youth. If anyone else can name me a more influential progressive force in our community, I would love to hear from you...

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  1. Did you hear him also promoting this new channel on this music application called iHeartRadio? He writes about it frequently on his Facebook and Twitter profile.
    Apparently he also has a Smooth Jazz channel on the BlackBerry AND iPhone that is totally free to download...its REALLY good programming.
    I'm glad that I can now listen to some new and classic jazz greats anywhere I go. Allen says you can get the application here: I guess. I noticed, however, that he is unfortunately not listed as one of the "personalities"..maybe you can start a petition to get him included as he deserves it!!!!

    He is in fact the most legendary man in Jazz radio...expanding his music to phones now. I'm completely amazed.