Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Bon Schmidt: First Wayman Tisdale passes away, and then we learn that premier Smooth Jazz oasis KKSF has been raped by Clear Channel and turned into a 70s rock station...it has been a bad bad time. SJ hater Brad Kava reports about it here. It is a hard time for the fans of the smooth. Be strong, my breatheren.

Obviously a station is not as mighty as a soul, and Wayman Tisdale, a man who enjoyed two huge careers in one brief lifetime, shown brighter than most. His 1989-90 season with the Kings was that which basketball legends are made of. His 2001 mind-blower FACE TO FACE retaught the world what a bass could sound like (and "When I Open My Eyes" warms my soul like a soft down blanket). He fought his cancer like he played on the court, like he grooved to the audience. We will miss him.

To my man Quent...a man who I truly have the deepest of feelings for...in a time when my feelings are flowing like the Yangtze River drank from by one of the Five Chinese Brothers...this is a rough time. We need to get back to the smooth.

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