Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Down and dirty flautist

SJ purists may scoff at the soul flute stylings of Jef Kearns, but I for one am overjoyed at the arrival of such a brash and boundary-smashing talent. Kearns brings a dash of urban chic to the comforts of our Smooth Jazz party. One listen to a pulse-racing cut like "Lavender" and you'll agree that this is one down-and-dirty Flautist! Kearns makes his silver stick sing in the best hot love SJ tradition.

Kearns' revolutionary style will surely ruffle some feathers out there, but so what? So what if he arrives in our scene from the distant teeming jungles of urban hip hop? So what if he's got a strange porkpie lid and strange n' youthful close-cropped haircut? So what if the cover art of his debut album "On the Level" is done in that grafitti-marker font heretofore utilized exclusively by blingy MCs? Be not afraid. As the saying goes, "Nu Jazz. No rules."


  1. great great spot. his cover version of the master Howard Jones human nature is deep deep deeeeeeep. only thing that worry me is his consistent reliance on cliched hair gear. his manager need to buy that boy some hair plugs paul simon stylee like RIGHT NOW.

  2. paul simon has plugs?