Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Up In Here

The Bishop here, comin' at ya from Las Vegas, Nevada via Tuscon, Arizona via Hinton, Oklahoma (Great Plains Correctional Facility).  SJF just put my life long love of smoove jazz back on the horse.  It is indeed the wind beneath my wings and as soon as I earn a trip back to the computer lab I'll be right here ruminating all over these velvet walls.  


  1. I know you all too well Bishop. Still remember the Boney James show back in the late 90s...you and me, sitting in the front row...each bobbing the index fingers in time...smiles all around. How did you get those tickets????

  2. BISHOP.
    be strong. channel Reuben Hurricane Carter. Nelson Mandela. Anne Frank. The Menendez brothers. And anyone else who DID NOT DO IT!!! Free as a bird bishop. free as a bird.