Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Yeah, Boy

Quentin E. Klopjaeger writes:

The other night, I was preparing a post about women in smooth jazz. There was too much pushing and shoving and pulling it out to show it, and I wanted to bring things down to a smoother level. I thought we could be in Japan with Keiko Matsui or in Dutch with Candy Dulfer or in heaven with Joyce Cooling. But my desire to skew female seems to have run into some G-male trouble. Everywhere I look, someone's posting about Kenny G. This guy looks like him. That guy looks nothing like him. The other guy's standing next to him on set. I have nothing against the man -- I love his music -- but the focus on him at the expense of other artists started to depress me, and not even a dose of his sublime "Havana" video, featuring Savion Glover, could lift my spirits.

No. I lied. They were lifted.

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  1. who taught quenty how to work the computer like a big boy?