Monday, February 23, 2009

Uz veselību! Priekā!!!

Tweezer Cohen: There are a couple of things in life I simply hate: Child Molestation. Gil Grissom. And small mindedness. The posts thus far have violated at least one, arguably two of the Tweezerman's code. You guys can talk your talk. But the Smooth Jazz universe is as broad as the Andromeda galaxy and by sticking to the boundaries of this great country of ours, you guys are dooming yourself through your Smooth Jazz parochialism. When I say Jurmala, Latvia, your first response is probably the sanatorium at Pumpuri. But there is more to the town than that. Much more. In the form of one Olegs "Mr. Go" Grisins, they have one of the most talented masters of the Smooth Jazz staple. The cover version. His bass playing is kaleidoscopic. He can take a song as mediocre as Smooth Operator by the overrated wench, Sade and turn it into an anthemic statement of calmness in the storm. If Olegs had had the good fate to be born in Riga, Michigan instead of Riga, Riga, then, mark my words, we would have heard a lot more about this man. So guys. Spare me the big names. Pack your Samsonite and follow me on the road less travelled...


  1. Touche, Tweeze. You've again unearthed a smooth smooth diamond in the rough. Raw Olegs might be, but the chops and approach are unimpeachable.

    Cynics might disparage your over-reliance on Balkan states for your Smooth Jazz scout missions -- whatever happened to Najee, your celebrated Estonian flautist? Brilliant debut, agreed, but even a Najee fanboy like yourself has to agree the limp and flaccid followup proved her SJ soul was as shallow as the Ozero lakebed...

  2. I saw Olegs live in concert once. he closed the gig with a beautiful rendition of careless whisper --

  3. Olegs music sound is very good and his bass solos very interesting! I saw Olegs solo w/ SMOOTH BAND - on his Profiles: