Sunday, February 22, 2009

You Can't Tamper With the Temple of the Lorber

Notes from Quentin E. Klopjaeger:
I am trapped in an airport now, so I am calling this post in to my assistant, who will record it and send it out to be transcribed. I am writing in praise of the composer and keyboardist Jeff Lorber, a venerable practitioner of the genre who puts all these other pretenders to shame. Lorber (I cannot bear to call him by his first name, so great is my respect for the man) started in fusion, then came to smoothness just as smoothness came to him. While still leading Jeff Lorber Fusion, he hired a young saxophonist named Kenneth Gorelick, who would later prolong his career by shortening his name. Gorelick left for a solo career but Lorber has always been there, smoothing out jazz, whether in the studio or on the stage or in the musical bed of the Weather Channel. Is there another man alive with his clarity of vision? When he performs "Do It Again," he is making the phrase live in sound: he does it again and again and again.

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